IM Wim Bouman

Dear Pia, Esther, Majerro, family and friends of Wim,

Wim had many favorable talents

We all have our anecdotes to illustrate that. 

What was Wim's greatest talent?

Wim was generous

In 1972 Pien and I came to Canada. Pien liked it so much, she wanted to stay and raise our family here, just like Wim and Pia. I wanted to return to my lab in Amsterdam. We decided to spend the summers in Deep River, the winters in Amsterdam. We did that for almost ten years. Each time we flew into Toronto, generous Wim lent us his car for the whole summer, and we drove through Algonquin Park to Deep River.

Wim was a genius

Whenever I arrived at the gas station in Deep River in Wim's car, John Lepage laughed his head off seeing how Wim kept his car on the road using all sorts of ingenious little tricks.

Wim loved children

When my son Daniel got intrigued by Wim's collection of apple peelers and cherry pitters, Wim gave one of each to Daniel. Despite the fact that little Daniel had openly complained about that zolderkamertje in which Wim and Pia so warmly received us.

Wim was an engineer

He built sprinkler systems, designed cement pumps for building the Toronto towers. At least three times Wim built Pia's school. At least twenty five times he built the stage for the Nutcracker. He renovated his own house and built one for Esther. Wim was not perfect but he worked hard and got things done.

Wim loved to surprise

I am most grateful that Wim took me to the Art Gallery of Ontario where he surprised me with the Italian artist Penone and his little tree inside the mother tree.

We all know some of Wim's characteristics, what was his most important talent?

His greatest talent I saw 57 years ago and I kept seeing it ever since

You know this most important talent of Wim's also

We have all seen it every time Wim came into the room

His head slightly at an angle, his eyes shining, a lovely smile on his face

Wim's greatest talent was his enduring love for Pia

He adored her: at home, at school, on stage, wherever she went, whatever she did

During 57 years Wim radiated his love for Pia

This unique talent, Wim's love for Pia, is what we are going to miss most

Therefore, we mourn Wim

We love you Pia


26 Sept. 2023